PIT Comedy School


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   Our Mission

The PIT Comedy School is dedicated to fostering the art of comedic theater through coursework in Performance, Professional Writing & Production. In our program, students find and hone their own unique comedic voice, act like themselves, learn how to work collaboratively both onstage and off, and create career opportunities within a supportive artistic community.



The PIT's Improv Program features a 5 Level Core Improv Curriculum, with opportunities for advanced "Level 6" Improv coursework, and improv electives including Musical Improv, Improvise a Movie, and more. Want to dip your toe into the world of improv? Take our 4 week 100% Fun, 0% Fear Level 0: The Joy of Improv class. The PIT's Performance Program also features 4-8 week classes, 1-2 night workshops, and week long intensives in Storytelling, Solo Show Performance, Character Building, Stand Up Comedy, Acting Electives, and more!



The PIT's Writing Program features a 3 Level Core Sketch Curriculum and Professional Writing Electives & Workshops including Comedy Writing for Late Night TV, Writing for SNL, and more!

Professional Writing Workshops & Electives






Email classes@thepit-nyc.com to find out when these classes will be offered next.