About the show

Commedia dell'Arte is the great-grand daddy of modern improv and sketch comedy.  Come see some of the goofy goodness which gave birth to the comedy of today!  In "A History of Servitude", The Department of Fools takes audiences on a wild and hilarious journey through the past.  Forget everything you know about history! The Fools will set the record straight.  Filled with physical humor, acrobatics, song and satire, “A History of Servitude” is a comic survey of world history from the dawn of man to the present as told from the perspective of the underdog.

The Department of Fools has an international cast from around the globe including Yair Ben-Dor (ABC's Quantico), Jessenia Cuestra, Joesph Blute, Gjermund Gjesme, Matthew A.J. Gregory (Power of Darkness at The Mint), Radhika Mehorta, Ben Rademacher, Andy Richardson (Broadway - Newsies and Gypsy), Brandon Salerno, Alec Seymore, and Anna Tempte.

Twitter: @FoolsDeptof
Facebook: @FoolsDeptof