About the show

Indie-pendence Day Festival 2014


One of the original teams in the 10,000 Hours program, Milhaus has recently gone rogue (indie)! Beginning with their signature explosive opening, Milhaus longform bubbles with colorful characters, surround-sound scene painting, and total silliness. Being the super-est senior at 10K has garnered Milhaus a great track record and fan base, not to mention the revolving door of guest/former players. We love us, and you will too.

Featuring Jamie Aderski, Matt Alspaugh, Greg Boz, Brian Lucrezia, Lyssa Mandel, Cayla Merrill, Keith Panzarella, Adam Pasulka, David Frasure

The Pin-Up Squirrels

"The Pin-Up Squirrels present a Bio Pic! You've seen Ray, Labamba , Dream girls. An entertainer's life story is always entertaining. Each show watch a new bio pic formed before your very eyes. The ups, downs and milestones of an entertainer that is created on the spot."

Featuring Kristen Lucas, Kerstin Porter, Erin Coughlin, Raquel Powell, Melody Goodell, Natalia Plaza, Katie Mordhorst, Abby Goldfarb